Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an essential principle in all our endeavors.

Circular economy

The professional maintenance of your clothes allows a longer use. So we believe we have a role to play in returning to more rational consumption. We advocate to our customers to buy better and less!

We give abandoned clothes several times a year to the associations Les Petits Riens and Oxfam for reuse.

Better use of resources

From the point of view of energy consumption, washing powder and water consumption, the professional machine allows a much better efficiency.

Best techniques

We have adopted the latest generation of “Lagoon” cleaning. It is a technique that not only offers the speed and efficiency of dry cleaning, but also the delicacy of cleaning with water.


By all means we try to restrict the use of plastic packaging. We offer our customers alternatives and reuse. We also invite our customers to bring back the metal hangers for reuse.

Deliveries by cargo bike

We offer a delivery service to individuals by bicycle-cargo

Social engagement

We support I’Ilôt, a not for profit that helps isolated and homeless people.